Is the neighborhood safe?

Yes, it is. You must use common sense of course.  Don’t walk home alone at 1:00AM in the morning with head phone on. But otherwise, you should not have any problems. North Oak Park/Med Center District is a safe neighborhood.

The Oak Park Area does have a reputation for years gone by. It takes a lot longer to overcome a bad reputation than it does to earn it. We, as a community, are still working the help outsiders give us a second look.

We understand they need new information to change their minds. So we point to all the new construction, the low calls for police service, and our housing rates are as high as anywhere.

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How far is it from UCD Medical School?

We are 1-mile west of UCDMC. It’s a five-minute bicycle ride or a 13 minute walk. You can also catch a Uber or Lyft for $4.

Is Wi-Fi included?

Absolutely! We have three (3) Wi-Fi access signals so there’s always plenty of bandwidth. We hate buffering – don’t you? Click HERE to learn more about our awesome Wi-Fi.

Is there parking on site?

Yes, we have five non-covered parking stalls behind our apartment community. Space is on a first come basis. We also have plenty of free on-street parking. Parking is not a problem.

Are the shared apartments co-ed?

Yes. It is possible that you would share the kitchen and bathroom with another UC Davis Medical School affiliate of the opposite sex.  If this is a problem, then you may want to check out our private apartment options – if available.

What’s there to do?

There’s lots of cool things to do. Click HERE to see our list of recommendations.

What’s the best way to get to San Francisco?

Take the Mega Bus from the 65th Street light rail station. Catch a Lyft or Uber to the station and relax on a nice bus that drops off in downtown San Francisco. Very affordable.

How much does it cost to move in?

We charge a $25 cleaning fee in lieu of a deposit and the full monthly rent. If you paid the $100 holding fee, you would only need to pay the balance of your rent due plus $25 cleaning fee.