Is the Neighborhood Safe?

One of the first questions we’re asked is “is the neighborhood safe?”Crime Report for UCDMC Medical Students

Yes, it is… within reason.


Check the Crime Reports Map

Even though the Doctor Dormitory (DocDorm) is located in the Med Center Area in North Oak Park, nearly all our past medical clients have asked about safety.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s office maintains a Crime Report Map

Please follow the link and check our place at 3519 1st Av, Sacramento, CA 95817

This is a smart way to give yourself confidence that we’re in a safe area. Much smarter than taking my word for it.

Please be sure read the testimonials of your peers for additional input.


You Have to Use Your Street Smarts

We are just like any metropolitan city – the later it gets at night, the greater your chance of something unsafe happening. So you have to use your street smarts. You should always use common sense so not be made out as a potential target.


Overcoming an Outdated Reputation

Oak Park does have a reputation for its past. For a number of years we dealt with crime. It takes a very long time to out live a bad repetition despite the improvements.

Local Newspaper stories to bring you up to speed:

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