Maximizing Your Sacramento Stay

RESTURANTS (within bicycle range)

  1.  Old Soul Coffee, 3434 Broadway (0.25 miles) Great place for med students to study
  2. 33rd Street Bistro, 3301 Folsom Blvd (xx miles)
  3. Café Bernardos, 2726 Capitol Ave (xx miles)
  4. Coffee Garden, 2904 Franklin Blvd (xx miles)
  5. T&R Texas BBQ, 3621 Broadway (xx miles)
  6. MoMo’s Meats (Traditional BBQ), 5776 Broadway (xx miles)


  1. San Francisco: Take a ride on the Megabus. It leaves from the University/65th Street Light Rail Station.
  2. Downtown Sacramento: Catch our Light Rail (Gold Line) from the 39th Street Station.
  3. Peer to Peer Taxi Ride:


  1. Trader Joes, 5000 Folsom Blvd (xx miles)
  2. Food Source, 4401 Broadway (1.2 miles)
  3. Safeway (24 hours), 1025 Alhambra Blvd (xx miles)


Oak Park Farmer’s Market, McClatchy Park, Saturday Mornings